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TOD differences

On Monday 05 November 2007 14:24, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Leon Pollak wrote:
> > Hello, all.
> > The question seems to be very simple, but I did not find any answer in
> > docs, wiki...
> >
> > I have two rtems_time_of_day structures containing two times. How can I
> > calculate the difference (in seconds) between them?
> Not in the public API.  With the movement in 4.8 to struct timespec
> in the super core, there are a lot of timespec math routines.  There
> has always been some TOD to XXX routines.
> I have considered making the existing set of time math routines
> available via the public API.  It isn't especially hard to do but
> would require documentation.  If this is of interest to the
> community, I will move it from my idea list to my someday we might
> do this list.
Thanks, Joel.
I definitely do not represent the community :-), but I vote "pro"!
Meanwhile, can you be so kind to "disclose" where I can find any 
internal "TOD_to_XXX" routine?

Again, thanks.