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how does newlib work with rtmes?

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 20:00 +0800, Ray wrote:
> It is better to use the newlib(newlib-1.15.0) original version.
Wrong. Vanilla newlib is non-compatible to RTEMS.

> Because it will made it hard to maintain a separate newlibc for MSP.
You should submit your changes upstream to newlib and GCC instead.
That's how opensource works.

>  Newlibc full bundle will not add much overhead to the systems because
> RTEMS only link in the lib/func needed for your app.


> BTW, RTEMS can run without libc for minium.exe if you do not

>  include fs.
Well, yes, RTEMS can run a useless function-free application without
newlib. For real world applications you won't get far without newlib.
newlib is an essential and deeply integrated component of RTEMS.