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[Fwd: termios flow control]

Two questions more:
In FUNC fillBufferQueue,suppose the RawInbuf reaches lowwater. A
judgement is then performed to see whether input is controlled with
XON/XOFF protocol ,whether XOFF is already sent and whether we should
send the XON now.(see the statement below)
if (((tty->flow_ctrl & (FL_MDXON | FL_ISNTXOF))
&& ((tty->rawOutBufState == rob_idle)
|| (tty->flow_ctrl & FL_OSTOP)))

1.I think FL_MDXON should be FL_MDXOFF;

2.When the ROB state is idle,we do need to send XON immediately since
the dequeue callback may never be called.But what about the case when
"tty->flow_ctrl & FL_OSTOP" is TRUE?