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On Thu, May 17, 2007 9:30 pm, junercb wrote:
> speed can be 600Mb/s accord to you?

I thought your original message said that you were getting 58% throughput
on a 1Gb/s connection -> 580Mb/s.  I was just repeating your original
I would be surprised if you get over 200Mb/s on a PPC405, and you will
probably need DMA to get that.

> while now the speed is only 7Mb/s.
> What's the reason?

No idea.  It is a bit hard to debug your custom FPGA hardware and a new
driver through an email message.
Does the Xilinx 405 implementation support Risctrace?  Risctrace is an IBM
tool which connects through JTAG and collects statistics on your software
execution.  You can use that to see where the majority of time is spent so
you will know where to concentrate your analysis.

Chris Caudle