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Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- Keith Robertson still around?

junercb wrote:
> When i read your driver, I can't find detailed description for
> many register in "PLB TEMAC (v3.00a)",such as DGIE,DISR....
> I don't know the relation between DISR,DIER,DIPR,IPISR and IPIER.

I'd suggest perusing the xilinx web site.  Xilinx has quite good 
hardware documentation.  Data sheets for their peripherals are also in 
your EDK distribution.  I'll even do the googling for you... :) See: 

> Especially,there is no appliction code demo. 

Indeed.  Is there need for one specific to this driver?  It should work 
with any of the rtems network demos and any generic ip program that you 
might write.

 > Do you have other
> reference manual to help develop driver, for i want to implement
>  a driver support SGDMA mode for this IP?

I'd suggest looking at the xilinx documentation above as well as the 
docs on their scatter gather generic dma engine.  The docs are quite 
thorough and a dma version shouldn't be overly complex.  You might also 
want to look at a couple of the other rtems ethernet drivers that 
utilise dma.