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Multiple telnet sessions

Brett Swimley wrote:
> I found my problem.
> It turns out the the FP context switch WAS incorrect.
> I had added support for the MCF547x FPU, and had an incorrect size for 
> the space required to store the floating point registers.
That sounds like a deadly problem since it probably blew away some other 
thread's information. :(

When you are happy with that MCF547x FPU support, you can submit it by 
itself.  I expect that
no matter what version of RTEMS you are using, I can merge it easily on 
the head.

> Brett
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Brett Swimley wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm working on a telnet like server for a Python interpreter (which 
>>> I'm hoping to post on the wiki) and am running into some problems.
>>> I thought I would go back to the basics and work with the telnetd 
>>> server provided.
>>> I have initialized as follows:
>>> #ifdef ENABLE_TELNET
>>>   /******************************************
>>>    * Just in case we may want to telnet to the application.
>>>   ****************************************/
>>>   rtems_pty_maximum_ptys = 10;
>>>   rtems_io_register_driver( 0, &pty_driver_address_table, &pty_major );
>>>   rtems_telnetd_main(0, NULL);
>>> #endif
>>> Things work OK until I get multiple telnet sessions running.  Then, 
>>> typing text into the first session causes an exception in 
>>> _Thread_Dispatch() in _CPU_Context_restore_fp() (which may be an 
>>> artifact of another issue).
>> Sounds like the stack checker kicking in and trying to using printf
>> when it is questionable to do so. If you are on a recent enough
>> RTEMS, stack checker uses printk.
>> If you have printk support in your BSP, I would recommend
>> changing the printf's in check.s to printk and trying again.
>>> Has anyone run multiple telnet sessions concurrently?  Am I setting 
>>> up the pty driver correctly?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Brett Swimley
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