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Undefined macro ALIGN when using CMSG_NXTHDR macro

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Paul Whitfield wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have some code I am looking at possibly porting to rtems
>> (avahi).
> This is LGPL so be aware of the implications of linking this with
> your application.

Now you have me worried... I thought as long as I did not
alter the library using the code in a embedded application
was OK. I thought that this was reason for the "Lesser".

>> However, the code uses recvmsg and the CMSG_NXTHDR macro.
>> This results in a compile error because the ALIGN macro
>> is not defined.
> I am guessing that you could define it to nothing and try that.
> Any guess what they are trying to align and why?

I was hoping that someone on the list who know the
answer to that question.

Some internet research later shows this is a
mechanism for getting at "ancillary" data
the socket message. Primarily this looks
to by a IPv6 function.

The issue with the code using poll is a show
stopper for me anyway. It would require too
much work (and modifying the library), so
I will not be doing any more work on this.

I will go back to plan A which is to use the apple
mDNS / Bonjour code.

Thanks for the help.



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