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adding a new driver in RTEMS

Aitor.Viana.Sanchez at esa.int wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> i want to add a new driver in the RTEMS source code for a leon2 
> platform. The driver directory i created is:
> *c/src/lib/libbsp/sparc/leon2/mydriver*
> and I also put the header file in the 
> *c/src/lib/libbsp/sparc/leon2/include/* directory (both directories 
> relative to the src root directory).
> What do I need to add to the Makefiles (or whereever)  to compile my 
> drivers and to include them in the final RTEMS compiled version ?
Depending on the version of RTEMS the instructions differ in precise 
details but
in general terms, they are:

 + make sure you have the proper RTEMS automake and autoconf installed
    and at the head of your PATH
 + Add your driver to the libbsp/sparc/leon2/Makefile.am
 + (older RTEMS) Add libbsp/sparc/leon2/mydriver/Makefile.am
 + (older RTEMS) Add mydriver to wrapup/Makefile.am
 + while in libbsp/sparc/leon2 run bootstrap

In newer RTEMS versions, there is only 1 Makefile.am per BSP (ignoring 
and all edits are in there. 

> Many thanks
> Aitor
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