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Rate Monotonic Manager Changes


I just committed a changes to the CVS head that
integrates the libmisc/rtmonuse functionality
into the Rate Monotonic Manager.  The functionality
is equivalent except it is more transparent to the
user and documented in the User's Guide.

This commit added the following directives:


rtems_object_get_name is a generalization of code
that is in a lot of the support libraries.  It does
its best to take an object id and return the name
for that object in string form.  It is reentrant
as the user must provide a buffer and length.

This obsoleted the following:

  + File: rtems/rtmonuse.h
  + Method: Period_usage_Initialize
  + Method: Period_usage_Reset
  + Method: Period_usage_Update
  + Method: Period_usage_Dump

Users of the Rate Monotonic Usage support
code have some API changes between 4.7 and 4.8.
Applications changes should be:

  + Do not include rtems/rtmonuse.h
  + Delete calls to Period_usage_Initialize and
  + Call rtems_rate_montonic_reset_all_statistics
    intead of Period_usage_Reset
  + Call rtems_rate_montonic_report_statistics
    instead of Period_usage_Dump