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RES: Reduce size of RTEMS in the text area

Hi Julien,

I'll quote here an answer Joel Sherrill gave me some months ago, about the
information on the SPARC App. Supplement:

" ... that number doesn't include anything besides RTEMS proper for the
version of RTEMS it was generated against. It does not include: BSP
init/shutdown, malloc and libc initialization or any device drivers,
filesystem infrastructure, etc."

So, I think it's better not to use that number.

You can configure the RTEMS managers in makefile. There's a MANAGERS
variable, in which you have to inform what managers you want.

The possible values are: io (I/O manager), clock, dpmem (Dual-Ported man.),
event, msg (Message), mp (Multi-Processor? I really don't know this one),
part (Partition), region, sem (Semaphore), signal, timer, rtmon (Rate
Monotonic), ext (User Extensions). There's an "all" option, too. But, in
your case, it would be:

MANAGERS = sem msg part

The initialization, task and fatal error managers are not optional.

I hope this helps. Regards,

Fabr?cio de Novaes Kucinskis.

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  I'm using RTEMS on a leon2 processor and the memory available is very
  I would like to know the exact process to reduce the RTEMS size (151,600
bytes for a small application whereas the minimum size of RTEMS given in the
SPARC application supplement is 28,288 bytes).
  I just need core, Initialisation, task, semaphore, message, partition,
fatal error managers. (where do I configurate RTEMS to take only the
managers I need ?)

  Thanks in advance.


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