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Reduce size of RTEMS in the text area

You need disable MINIIMFS, libio and libc, and exclude the console from your Makefile. This will make your minium.exe less than 20K
Or, if you can wait, there may be a snapshot release which disable these.

Thanks & Best Regards!

From: Julien Houles
Date: 2007-05-14 17:34:01
To:   rtems-users at rtems.org
Sub:  Reduce size of RTEMS in the text area


I'm using RTEMS on a leon2 processor and the memory available is very small.
I would like to know the exact process to reduce the RTEMS size (151,600 bytes for a small application whereas the minimum size of RTEMS given in the SPARC application supplement is 28,288 bytes).
I just need core, Initialisation, task, semaphore, message, partition, fatal error managers. (where do I configurate RTEMS to take only the managers I need ?)

Thanks in advance.


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