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Commit Alert on CVS

Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Joel,
>> BIG WARNING: If you have unsubmitted work that you would
>> like to be considered for inclusion in 4.8, you need to
>> speak up. 
> UP.
> I have another BIG bunch of changes on the PowerPC exception handling
> code. I have gathered the code that has been copied in various CPU
> derivates and/or BSPs, moved it to libcpu/powerpc/new-exception and
> libbsp/powerpc/shared.
> It is not yet in a state I want to commit this, and although I am quite
> sure it is a BIG improvement concerning maintainence, I am sure these
> changes will possibly break some of the existing BSPs. I have developed
> them based on a CVS version about 6 weeks ago, so my next steps will be to:
> - update them against the current CVS HEAD
> - test them on several PPC BSPs: gen5200, mbx8xx, mpc750 (on a MVME2432
> board).
> - I would like to get some feedback for other boards soon after I have
> commited them to CVS. (volunteers?)

Hi Thomas.

Will these commits include your/our virtex bsp/gen405 cleanup?  If so, 
you'll have a couple of testers here (we don't have the other bsps). 
Even if it's not totally sorted out, if it was submitted, we can supply