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Replacing VxWorks with RTEMS


We have changed the RTOS in one of our application to RTEMS. It took us
around three months to do the same. We have implemented wrapper functions
around the original OS calls which we had in our legacy OS. This makes the
code changes in the actual application to minimum. We just then link the
wrapper's to the OS calls in the application and remove the legacy OS's
U need to be clear about the memory mapping and all hardware related stuff
of your target. It will make the changeover smooth.


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Hi there,

I am currently investigating the possibility of replacing VxWorks with
RTEMS in an existing product that has been released to customers.

I am trying to get a feel for the length of time the change will take,
can anyone give practical advice on the length of time it has taken them
to get RTEMS running on a target platform and then to replace an
existing RTOS with RTEMS.

- We use a predominantly posix interface into the RTOS.
- For a guide to system complexity, we run approximately 50 threads
concurrently, use semophores, mutexes and signals. There are hard
real-time deadlines and we use 3rd party stacks.

Thank you for any information

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