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termios XON/XOFF

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 12:01:15PM -0500, Eric Norum wrote:
> <Controversial>
> My feeling is that the termios code is already too complicated and  
> that all the code to support XON/XOFF flow control should be optional  
> or removed.
> Does anyone really use this antiquated and unreliable  means of flow  
> control any more?
> I'd be happy with leaving flow control up to the hardware (RTS/CTS)  
> and dropping all references to flow control from the generic termios  
> code.
> /<Controversial>

RTS/CTS is still going to affect termios even if the heavy lifting is
being managed in the device driver, and at the very least the knobs for
enabling/disabling it have to be exported.  if RTS/CTS isn't managed by
hardware, that leaves termios to deal with it.

termios may not be pretty, but it is at least somewhat standardized.
what else is there as far as serial APIs?  the windows world of
"everything's a UART" seems incredibly worse.  are there other

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