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POSIX performance

Alexander I. Shaykhrazeev wrote:
> Thanks for help. :-)
> I have additional question about using C++ under RTEMS. Did somebody use 
> C++ to create applications for RTEMS?
> We have a task better to solve using C++ and mechanism of abstraction, 
> but the task need great performance. All task must complete for 1 sec, task
> called every 1 sec.

I have used C++ for RTEMS applications. The applications used 
templates, exceptions, and STL. I meet tight timing constraints when 

For tasks I made a template that allowed member functions of a class to 
be executed as a thread. This is different to the typical inheritance 
thread model and IMO better as you could contain more than one thread in 
a class. For example tx and rx handlers as separate threads without 
exploding one class to three.

> There are any profiler for RTEMS to see process on time diagram? (Such 
> instrument was very useful on WindRiver Workbench)

There is the Capture engine. It is currently only a target command line 
but it can capture context switching to the resolution of the timer 
handler you provide.