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RFC Increasing Minimum Stack Size on i386


For whatever reason, the stack requirements have
increased.  The current size is OK with gcc 3.3.5
and newlib 1.12.  But for the toolsets I have built,
upgrading either one seems to require an increased
stack size to run any modest test like ticker.

It could be a gcc change.  It could be a newlib
change.  I don't know that I really care which or
why.  It changed.  So for the CVS head, I am
proposing increasing the minimum stack size on the
i386 to something large like 2K or 4K.

My justification for this is the most if not all
i386 users are PC based.  They have LOTS of memory
relative to users on other ports.  Nobody is
running i386 RTEMS with 256K RAM.