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Re: rtl8139 network card driver works (BSP i386)

Grigori Khmyrov wrote:

I'd like to let know to RTEMS users that the driver, that Angelo Fraietta gave to me, works.

Angelo.. are you going to submit this driver?

I am glad to hear that the driver works.

I have not even tested the driver here. It was given to me a while ago. If you have an example simple app that shows the driver working - maybe just echoing a UDP message-- that would be great. Then I can test it on the PC104 module I have here. I won't have time before Christmas to do any in depth
If it works fine, then that means I will have have the secondary IDE and the ethernet issues resolved and I can demonstrate RTEMS using the PC104 system I have. This would be a great milestone for this module.

Angelo Fraietta

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