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Re: Cogent 637 board

Jay Monkman wrote:
I can't find an appropriately licensed SPARC optimized memcpy
implementation to compare.  NetBSD doesn't even have one and the
ARM version they have has an unacceptable advertising clause.
We want the optimized code merged into newlib so it has to have
the correct licensing terms.

I remember submitting an ARM version of memcpy several years ago. I could have
sworn it made it into newlib.

Do you know what was wrong with the license? I see the BSD with advertising
clause in other source files.

You want to ask on the newlib list about it to be sure. I recall the file is copyright by the NetBSD foundation not the Univ of Cal. The UC
made an official statement that their advertising clause could be
removed and ignored. NetBSD wants theirs to stay.