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Re: Cogent 637 board

And, if you made that '-f EB', then it would auto-boot.

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote:

Thanks a lot, the '-f E' made the trick (I'll read the documentation more carefully next time)

Ed Sutter wrote:

I haven't worked with RTEMS on this board however, I may be able to help...

Assuming hello.exe is an ELF file, and you're transferring hello.exe into TFS
on the board, then it should be flagged as elf. TFS needs to know what kind
of file it is.

In the nutshell, if you are using a tftp client on your host to download to
the uMon's TFTP server, then the destination filename should be "hello.exe,E".
The ",E" suffix is treated as a flag by uMon's tftp server and will store the
file as hello.exe with the flag "E". This simply tells TFS that the file is
executable ELF so that it can load it appropriately.

If you're using uMon's tftp client, then specify the "-F hello.exe -f E"
options on the uMpn command line to invoke the same idea.

Then, with the file installed in TFS, you can simply type "hello.exe" at the
uMon command line and it should run (assuming it was built properly of course).

I'll gladly help more; however, note that there is a pretty useful (IMHO)
user's manual covering uMon at http://www.microcross.com/html/micromonitor.html.
Ed Sutter

If you add a 'B' to the flags (i.e. "hello.exe,EB"), then hello.exe will
automatically boot after reset.

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote: