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Something broken in pppd with rtemsdialer?

I can't build this AM with the same config as before. I'm bombing out building cpukit/pppd/auth.c trying to include rtems/ rtemsdialer.h, getting "rtems/rtemsdialer.h: No such file or directory".

pppd/Makefile.am has a misspelling of "rtemsidialer" instead of "rtemsdialer", but fixing that didn't help.

It looks as if the .am stuff in pppd is trying to get the rtemsdialer.h into an rtems subdirectory, but it isn't working. I notice that libnetworking has an explicit "rtems" subdirectory.

Also, I notice that "backward/rtemsdialer.h" tries to print out a warning saying to use "rtems/dialer.h", but there isn't any dialer.h. I'm guessing this is a work in progress.

Is this a problem with my configuration or is something broken? This is Solaris 10 again, and I don't trust it yet.


(configuration on Opteron Solaris 10 was:
 --target=powerpc-rtems \
    --prefix=/opt/rtems-4.7 \
    --enable-posix \
    --enable-networking \
    --enable-cxx \
    --enable-rtems-debug \
    --disable-itron \
    --enable-maintainer-mode \
    --with-cpu=7450 \
and tools were verified the other day)