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Re: Network compilation problems

Could you share your solution?  It might be useful to someone else.

At 06:53 PM 5/5/2005, Steven Johnson wrote:
Ive solved my own problem.

Sorry about that.

Steven Johnson wrote:


Ive compiled RTEMS 4.6.2 for MPC862 no problems. (Been doing this for a while now).

Ive got my application, which works fine under RTEMS, has been for some years.

Now ive gone to add Ethernet support.

Ive started writing my driver (yes i know one already existis), but trust me, i like writing my own drivers.

Anyway, the problem is i am getting out of the compile:

/opt/rtems-4.6/powerpc-rtems/include/stdlib.h:66: declaration of C function `
 void rtems_bsdnet_free(void*)' conflicts with
mpc8xx-rtems/include/sys/malloc.h:351: previous declaration `
 void rtems_bsdnet_free(void*, int)' here
/opt/rtems-4.6/powerpc-rtems/include/stdlib.h:73: declaration of C function `
 void* rtems_bsdnet_malloc(unsigned int)' conflicts with
mpc8xx-rtems/include/sys/malloc.h:352: previous declaration `
 void* rtems_bsdnet_malloc(long unsigned int, int, int)' here

But if i look in those places, these things arent defined, just malloc.

Why is this happening?

What have i done wrong?

This just looks weird, why would there be two different declarations for malloc?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Steven Johnson

Steve Holle
Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd.
Billings, MT 59101