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Re: MVME5500 status, and on to PMC interrupts

Peter Dufault wrote:

On Feb 28, 2005, at 10:00 AM, Kate Feng wrote:

If you are running from the CVS head, the PMC interrupts should work. The PMC1 IRQ number is equivalent to BSP_GPP8_IRQ_OFFSET, which is defined in irq.h. The PMC2 IRQ number is BSP_GPP_PMC2_INTA. To be documentary, in irq.h, I added :

I notice that these are both 0x40 added to what I'm getting back from PCIx_read_config_byte for PCI0_INTERRUPT_LINE. I'm adding the 0x40 into that value and my interrupts are now working.

Great! That wasn't too bad!

Somehow between the two of you, please try to clean up the documentation
and PCI code. Peter, you should have a good idea of what you were looking for. :)

Now I need to get the PMC card on the other side of the PMCSPAN working.

Another level of ugly. :)


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