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MVME5500 status, and on to PMC interrupts

I've made some progress with the MVME5500 and I'm starting to see what's up with the PCI stuff.

By using the "BSP_PCIxFindDevice" instead of BSP_PciFindDevice in the mvme5500 tree and keepintg track of which "pci_num" the PMC modules were found on, I could then use "PCIx_read_config_dword" and friends to get both of the two PMC boards mounted on the MVME5500 working, or at least decoded into I/O space and with assigned interrupts.

The PMC card on the other side of the DEC bridge on the PMC_SPAN daughter card seems to return data, but any attempts to access the returned address space crashes. I assume the cleanup that needs to be done to the PCI code is to fold everything into the shared PCI directory and properly hand in that pci_num. I still don't understand this completely, though, since the PCIx functions seem to have four values: PCI number, bus, slot, and function and not just the three I'd heard mentioned before.

I next tried to install interrupt handlers. There are disconcerting Intel PIC comments in the interrupt handler code that should be cleaned up. I used BSP_install_rtems_irq_handler to install what I thought would work, and caused the board to generate an interrupt, and I could see from its registers that it thought it was generating an interrupt, but nothing happened. That's when I found out that the "Marvell GT64260 system controller" on the MVME5500 is undocumented, and that you need an NDA to get the documentation or even to talk to technical support at Marvell.

So if anyone knows how to enable the PMC interrupts on the MVME5500, I'd love to know.


Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.