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Re: Add support for DEC/Intel 21150 PCI-PCI bridge

Peter Dufault wrote:
I want to add support for the DEC/Intel 21150 PCI-PCI bridge, initially for the MVME5500 so I can use a Motorola PMCSPAN to get more PMC slots.

I see the code in mvme5500/pci/pci.c where it detects bridges, and I did the trivial change to have it find the DEC 21150, but I don't see where bridges are setup. I looked at the 21150 documentation, and it seems as if it won't be too much work to get it set up and after that things should "just work".

I don't know much about this yet, and any pointers on what to change and how things are going to go in the future (for more generic PCI support instead of in the mvme5500 tree!) will help.

Kate is on vacation but I have asked her to try to eliminate the BSP
specific pci.h in the MVME5500. The long term goal is that <rtems/pci.h> should completely define the PCI API.

For now, just eliminating the mvme5500's pci.h and including the one from powerpc/shared/pci would be a big step. Then my work on eliminating the powerpc/shared/pci/pci.h file and using the shared ones will naturally pick up the mvme5500. For now, I am ignoring it.

Till suggested that the use of pci0_* and pci1_ constants and functions was an indication that the bus number parameter should have been
used, Using it would eliminate a lot. Then the PCI[01]_ stuff in that
pci.h can be eliminated.



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