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Re: cpukit/bspkit split.


I missed the beginning of this discussion thread (and the 
related once), but now, since things are getting a bit more 
concrete, I would join in:

> Are these device drivers supposed to be part of cpukit? If not, and I do
> think they shouldn't be, then the question is irrelevant to the cpukit
> interface, -- all these definitions should be put into another file that
> must not be included by the header that defines cpukit interface.

I agree totally. In cpukit, only those vector number should be 
defined, which belong to the cpu core. In fact for PowerPC, 
these vector numbers are "exception vectors", not interrupt 
vectors. Unfortunately, the exception vector numbers differ 
slightly from CPU core to CPU core.

The interrupt vector numbers are more or less PIC dependant, 
although they might be shared between boards with the same 
integrated chips like MPC860 or MPC8260. So they should be 
located somewhere in a bsp/shared directory (how about something 
like: lib/libbsp/powerpc/shared/mpc860/include/mpc860.h)


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