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Problem is CC environment var. (was Re: Something screwed up in PROJECT_ROOT or PROJECT_TOPdir)

RTEMS is now building (at least it started building and has been building for a while now) after I added CC_FOR_TARGET and CXX_FOR_TARGET to the configuration.

My problem is that I wrap my configuration with "CC=gcc34" or "CC=gcc33", etc, so I can modify what gets built with what host compiler. For example, gdb 5.2 needs gcc33 while I'm building all other host stuff with gcc34.

I just checked the RTEMS configure, and it specifies "CC_FOR_HOST", not "CC". Maybe someplace in multilib it must decide to use "CC" as the target compiler if it is set and "CC_FOR_TARGET" isn't? I'm pretty sure this is new behavior since I think I've always done this, but I won't swear to it.


Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.