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Re: General Question: Saving Configurations

Our system starts up in MicroMonitor which we then use a script to start RTEMS. We use many of the Micromonitor networking and filesystem calls from our RTEMS code and have found it makes an excellent debug monitor also. Mr Sutter is very responsive to support and feature requests.

Highly recommended.

At 05:36 AM 2/18/2005, Ed Sutter wrote:
The file system in MicroMonitor's TFS would probably work
out well for this.  Generally speaking TFS is most easily
used by the application if MicroMonitor is used as the
boot monitor (if you're interested in this let me know).
Alternatively, I suppose TFS could be yanked out of MicroMonitor
and used as an alternative means of flash file storage in

Hi All,
I am about to create an application in which I will be
saving configuration details.
The board I am using has flash memory on it, and currently
I am thinking of just saving the configuration into
a section of the flash memory.
I was wondering whether it is worth using some sort of
simple  file system,or if there is a more generic
approach other people have taken.
Thanks in advance


Steve Holle
Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd.
Billings, MT 59101