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Re: ppc multlibs and BSP removal was Re: powerpc altivec support

As for the r2/r13 loading by the new exception processing code, sorry,
but I leave it as an exercise for those who believe new exception
processing is better than the old one.

I still do and still believe you don't get it but anyway as you only use one platform, you cannot see how old execption code is broken...

Let them change at least 5
separate files with almost identical code. Well, if somebody believes
something is inherently broken with such an approach to the software
development, ask Eric Valette about it, or just read what he answered to
a similar question before:


If you use new exception processing, better make sure no code in your
executable tries to change r2/r13 even temporarily while interrupts are
enabled. I prefer to be on the safe side, so I stay with the old one for

Yes. At least you eat your own dog food. That's fair. Try to implement a debugger with old execption processing or separate execption handling (processor dependend) and IRQ handling (BSP dependend) as an exercice.

-- eric