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Re: MVME5500 board support status?

Kate Feng wrote:
Peter Dufault wrote:

On Feb 9, 2005, at 3:42 PM, Peter Dufault wrote:

I don't see the MVME5500 code in CVS, and I didn't find discussion in
the mailing lists after the October '04 statement that the licensing
issues had been cleared up.

Never mind - I'm a dummy. I was looking in my 4.6 CVS branch. It's where it belongs in 4.7.

I have'nt tried the one in 4.7 yet.   I  heard about some difficulties
with the new version of GCC tools.  My understanding is that
it was not due to the BSP but perhaps the tools.   The tools I used for
the 4.6.0 version I posted on the WEB are :

  automake-1.9.2  (from GNU site)
  autoconf-2.59   (from GNU site)

So far, our applications work fine with this.
It would be interesting to know how you work  out with
the one in 4.7.

There are issues are with specific gcc versions for specific BSPs. I can't remember which BSPs/gcc versions. You can build/use any gcc version you like as long as you get a recent enough newlib version with patch to match.