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Re: RFC: Removing OLD_EXCEPTIONS powerpc multilib variants

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 19:08 -0800, Till Straumann wrote:
> Forgive me - I just don't understand - why you have to build
> toolchain variants if all you want are different libcpu versions?
> Why does the toolchain have to be built for the two exception models?
> Just so the compiler picks different libcpu versions based on a

>  or am I missing something here?
It picks up a different librtemscpu.a based on -D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS

Multilib'ed RTEMS means using different librtemscpu.a's.
This only works if GCC knows about which versions are required by RTEMS,
therefore we have to build GCC+newlib with this knowledge about RTEMS

I.e. the libc.a (newlib) and libgcc.a, libstdc++.a etc. (GCC) are the
same, but librtemscpu.a (cpukit) are not.

Further, librtemscpu.a also contains parts traditional libc.a's would
contain (networking, threading), i.e. librtemscpu.a is stricter tied to
libc than you might think.