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Re: hi i need some help about FAT16 implement on sd


You'll need to integrate the SD block device driver, similar to c/src/libchip/ide/ata.c, into RTEMS. This driver is not exists now. One of the problem about this is that Secure Digital specification is closed (you have to purchase it), and it is not clean enough how it can be used with open source projects. From other side, some SD card manufacturers provides detailed data sheets for their parts enough to implement driver which will work with this specific part and, may be, with some other parts.


Joel Sherrill <joel@OARcorp.com> wrote:

Subscribe to the users list and ask away. :)

I cc'ed the user's list .

khalil saedi wrote:

dear joel
i am khalil saedi from kish university in iran.we have some problem in implement Fat16 on
SD .can you me about that
tanks .
(sorry for bad engelish type)

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