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Hi all,

I am still trying to write my first interrupt driven device driver for printer port.
I am studing the console driver and others like serial, ata, etc...

All of them have a define wich defines a macro containing 6 "members".

For example,

  { console_initialize, console_open, console_close, \
    console_read, console_write, console_control }

My question is: Where do I get information about each member of these define(s) ???

I already searched in http://www.rtems.com/onlinedocs/releases/rtemsdocs-4.6.2/share/rtems/html/c_user/

but I cant find information about this.

Env: i686 

Many thanks


By the way, why rtems mailling list search doenst work for some days? is this a problem of my browser or anyone else has this problem?

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