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Re: howto include data files in rtems exe

Philippe Simons wrote:

i'd like to include some files in the rtems exe
i'm using rtems with an embeded system, so i dont have any ide device
which i could mount
so how can I access files from my apps?
is there a way to include a pre-made IMFS in the rtems.exe which i could
mount? or i dont know...

The netdemo httpd includes an example of doing this. The trick is to
make a tarball of your initial filesystem image, use objcopy to convert it from binary to a .o for the target, and then link it with your application. There is a method to call which will untar it as your initial filesystem image.



PS:Joel, seems like you still didnt received my BSP patch (problem with

I have it. I have a huge deadline Monday (on top of it being Valentine's Day) and haven't gotten to it yet.

If anyone with CVS write permission wants to review it and merge it before me, ping me. It is a BSP for the ARM based GP32 handheld game machine.

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