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Re: [rtems-users] Re: tar filesystem

It has been on my to-do list to use this feature for some time, for a similar application to Eric's. Since the calls are documented in the manuals I had assumed they existed! Naive, I suppose...

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 13:41 -0600, Joel Sherrill wrote:

FYI .. this was sent to rtems-users@OARcorp.com not rtems.com.  They
are separate domains and machines now. :)

Eric Norum wrote:

Why is cpukit/libfs/src/imfs/imfs_load_tar.c no longer being built? It looks like just the thing I need for my standalone EPICS IOC.

My guess is probably just an accidental oversight in some Makefile.am

Probably, I don't know. Digging CVS-history shows it had been disabled a
very long time ago, and nobody seems to have missed it :(

The 4.7 tree uses a lot fewer Makefile.am's and something
might have been missed.

From what I see it also could be some unfinished work, because it shares
a lot of code with libmisc/untar (Definitely something to be worth
looking after).