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microwindows 0.90-rtems 4.7-pc386 - executing demo problems

Hello all,

I've compiled microwindows demo for pc386 bsp.

Trying to run wdemo on real pc and bochs too, I found problem in getting access to /dev/fb0.

In microwindows/src/scr_rtems.c :

static PSD
fb_open(PSD psd)
	char *	env;
	int	type, visual;
	int	tty;
	PSUBDRIVER subdriver;
	struct fb_screeninfo fb_info;

	assert(status < 2);

	/* locate and open framebuffer, get info*/
	if(!(env = getenv("FRAMEBUFFER")))
		env = "/dev/fb0";
	fb = open( env, O_RDWR);
	if(fb < 0) {
		EPRINTF("Error opening %s: %m\n", env);
     return NULL;

Call to open() always returns -1.

Anyone may help?