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Re: [rtems-users] C++ Virtual Functions

gregory.menke@gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
Smith, Gene writes:
> I am having some problems running code containing C++ virtual functions in
> rtems. When the code tries to branch to a virtual function address using
> "bctrl" instruction, the address (in ctr) is way out of range and results in
> a machine check exception.
> > Is there anything I need to do special in rtems for virtual functions to
> work? Is anyone using virtual functions, pure or impure, in rtems? I am
> still using rtems 4.6.1 and my ppc40x-derived bsp.
> > Tks,
> -gene

This is generally caused by problem with the linkscript where the
various tables are set up incorrectly.  The motorola_shared bsp link
script works, so you might compare them for discrepancies.  It might
also be related to your gcc- but I'd check the linkscript first.

psim on the CVS head and post 4.6.2 on the 4.6 branch is also supposed to work for C++.

Look at the bsp_specs as well for crt*.

If you have a simple example, you want tried on another BSP, post it.

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