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Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Richardson, Anthony wrote:
> > I seem to have some sort of problem with setting the stack size
> > (or a misunderstanding of the configuration parameters).  In the
> > example below, why do I need to set CONFIGURE_EXTRA_TASK_STACKS
> > value to anything other than zero?  If I leave it at 0 I get
> > an error when I create the third task (RTEMS_UNSATISFIED).  It seems
> > as if confdefs.h isn't setting aside the right amount of stack
> > space.
> It oculd be missing any resource and you are just covering it
> up.  Or it could be convering up a driver needed unaccounted
> for resources.
> Does the situation change if you leave out the clock driver? or
> console driver?  I know the tasks won't do the right thing
> but the issue is creating them not running them.

Sorry for the noise.  It turns out to be a Bochs problem, both my
original program and the ticker example run fine under qemu.  Bochs
results seem to be very sensitive to the Bochs configuration "ips"
and "clock" parameters.

Tony Richardson