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RTEMS Wiki Plea

Hi joel,

I tried to add my PhD research project (an automated guided vehicle;
currently this is past the viva stage, awaiting approval of changes).
The entry screen asked me for a password, which I left blank, but
it simply returned me to the login page.

I have not used RTEMS in the project yet as I am able to work on some
of the software under Linux. Although the plan is to use RTEMS on i386
machines (cheap and convenient;y available), I have only been able to load
RTEMS over ethernet, with no success at getting ethernet connection to
the running RTEMS. So is this of interest as a RTEMS application, or 
should I wait till I actually incorporate it into my AGV? This probably
happen till next year, I won't have time to do it until it is on the
critical path
of the project.

joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com on Saturday, September 25, 2004 at 3:05 PM 
>Hi All,
>OK.. I will beg..
>Please add yourself a personal page/account, some information
>on the BSP your are using if it is a standard one, and
>some information on your application.  Research projects,
>theses, hobbyist projects, etc should be added as well.
>I would like to thank those who have added themselves and
>added to the Wiki so far.
>    + Chris Johns
>    + Bogdan Vacaliuc
>    + Aaron Grier
>    + Victor Vengerov
>Please, please help make this useful.  Adding application
>info, however minimal, is essential since it is the best
>RTEMS marketing.
>NOTE: If you have a shipping RTEMS-based product but can't
>"officially" acknowledge it, email me with a product
>page and let me add it.
>Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development