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cygwin build_alias issue (and a possible workaround...)

Hi Scott,

> I don't think it's the editor (UltraEdit), but the email 
> client (Eudora). I noticed some 0xA0 bytes floating around, 
> but not any 0x240 (odd--were you comparing wide chars,

Oops, I was sloppy.  I should have written (binary) 240; I just get so used
to that hex prefix...

I'm going to digest what you sent, but in the meantime, can you do one
thing?  Run a configure/build based on a clean (unmodified) source tree.  I
want to see what happens on your system without all the strace/sh -x

> Odd that the strace'd expr call didn't get logged.  I'll run 
> it through again with the strace call removed from cpukit/configure.

I have found that strace interferes with expr, such that the return value of
the pipeline which contains strace is always 0, triggering the failure in
the build scripts looking for a non-zero exit code to expr in certain places
(such as ours).