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Howto generate a new RTEMS version ?

I'm not familiar with autoconf, so please forgive my stupid question.

After doing some patches (integrating the RTEMS 4.6.2 changes
to Jiri's RTEMS 4.6.1 distribution)
I would like to reflect these changes in a new RTEMS version string,
e.g. change the _RTEMS_version from "4.6.1" to "4.6.2leon".

Where is the correct place to do this, and what shall be done
to update all files ?
I tried to change aclocal/version.m4 without success.

Thanks, Rolf.

Rolf Schroedter
German Aerospace Center
Institute of Planetary Research
D-12489 Berlin, Rutherfordstrasse 2
Tel/Fax:  (+49) (30) 67055-416/384
Email:    Rolf.Schroedter at dlr.de