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gcc 3.4.2 cpu32 patch

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Correct me if I am wrong, but AFAIS, it would be sufficient to extend
> RTEMS m68k score to using __mcoldfire__ and __mcpu32__.

No as m68k.h in the score has a check for 68020 before the other 
processor checks and so RTEMS tries to use 68020 instructions in various 
asm statements and the compiler correctly rejects them.

Placing the check for the 68020 last avoids the problem but I would like 
to know if this is expected behavior before making that change. I also 
feel this sort of work around is a little fragile.

Note, it seems only the cpu32 has the problem.

I do agree we should look at using __mcoldfire__ to select the ColdFire 
rather m5200 which I think is what happens now.

  Chris Johns