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-B option when compiling

Smith, Gene wrote:
> Smith, Gene wrote, On 11/23/2004 7:12 PM:
>> When I build netdemo with make -d and look at where init.c and test.c 
>> are compiled, it appears the -B option to powerpc-rtems-gcc is 
>> pointing    to the rtems library rather than the gcc library. -B is 
>> supposed to specify to gcc the location of executables and libraries 
>> of the compiler itself. However, netdemo works ok for me so maybe I am 
>> confused or this does not matter...?
> Never mind. It must tell it where to get the
> "-specs bsp_specs -qrtems"
> since bsp_specs file is in dir pointed to by -B<path>.
> Can anyone explain what bsp_specs file is for and/or how it is used. 
> Does this always need to be on the gcc command line when a application 
> file is compiled or assembled?


In a nutshell: the spec file overrides the default gcc behaviour to
make it work correctly for a particular rtems bsp (Board Support

Usually this is start up file and other bsp specific options.