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TR : DOSFS unlink problem

"Thomas Doerfler" <Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de> writes:
> Etienne,
> I am really glad I was not the only one misinterpreting things 
> :-)

You are definitely not alone. Some time ago I had a need to attach my
own very simple file system to the RTEMS, and it was a real headache. My
filesystem doesn't have any support for directories, still the glue code
needs to handle all that ./.././.././ stuff itself, and it was a lot of
try-and-fix steps to get it work.

I'm sorry to say it, but I've got impression that all this eval_path
stuff is over-complicated and error-prone. Every file system implementing
./.. itself with its own bugs and misunderstandings sounds like a way to
disaster. The only reason I kept silence is my ignorance of how it could
be done more elegantly. Maybe to borrow some ideas from Linux VFS
interfaces or from FreeBSD sources?


> 5.) Now read /dira/file_a.txt/../file_b.txt, 
> 	you will get the text "I am in file_b.txt"

Cool! The only question is -- is it a bug or a feature? ;)