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Easy DOSFS question

There should be a filesystem independant way of knowing the free space
on a mount point. Like the get_fs_usage() call in fsusage.c of some
librairy I saw somewhere. 

Maybe I should look at that... But anyway, there will have to be some
sort of support from the various file system availables in RTEMS.

I would see something like

#include <rtems/fsinfo.h>
rtems_get_fs_usage(const char* mountpoint);

Maybe adding a function to the fs operations callbacks? Like a fs_stat()
call that would have to be implemented by the file system?

What do you think?

For now, maybe I can create a file of the necessary length (seeking to
the desired size from the file beginning) and if It works, then the
space is available. But it is WAY unoptimized!!! And I don't like
unoptimized and "patchy" things :)