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FAT File system questions.


I am developing a system to run with Rtems 4.6.2 and I have some questions.
At this point the system is running fine with one ramdisk on RAM with TSIM
and everything (not unlink) is working OK.


Development host:	Solaris
Target host: ERC32
Simulator: TSIM

Filesystem: FAT
Device: Ramdisk

I want to use eight ramdisks, 1 Gbyte each, and use them similair to



The ramdisk will be rewritten to access non-volantile RAM over a network
link. Due to the limitations of working memory (RAM) in my system i really
need to know how I can tune this value. I am REALLY interested how the bdbuf

How and when are the different FAT tables resident in RAM? A only want to
have one FAT in RAM at a time, how is this done in the best way?

How does the thread that flushed buffered block down to disk at various
times work? Can I tune this in any way?

What does ide_part_table_initialize() do. Is it nessasery to use when using
a formatted (doerfler function) ramdisk (my system seems to work both with
it and without it)?

Daniel Gustavsson