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creating a core dump


> > 
> >>If you have another VME board use your secondary board
> >>to grab the target board's memory over the VME backplane
> >>and ship it to the host e.g., via network. This is faster
> >>and in many cases you can even obtain a coredump of a
> >>crashed board which is very desirable.
> > 

unfortunatelly i doesnt know anything about this tech., how it should
work and what i need to do to get this working. 

could u pls point me to some docs about this stuff ?

> distributed on the 'rtems evaluation CD'. It's in the
> tool directory [linux host]
> /opt/rtems4.6.0CD/host/i386_linux24/bin/m68k-rtems-gencore
> the source is under
> /opt/rtems4.6.0CD/src/ssrlApps/cexp/gencore.c

cause i have no rtems eval. CD i wonder if i could download this tool
(src & bin) somewhere ? - i searched the rtems homepage but havnt found
anything yet ... 



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