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[Fwd: Re: Makefile question]

  Sergei Organov wrote, On 11/24/2004 1:27 PM:
> As has been already pointed to by Angelo Fraietta, it's probably a good
> idea to forget about RTEMS makefiles that are used to build RTEMS
> itself. You in no way are forced to use the same build system for your
> application.
> I'd also suggest to arrange your build system so that it would build
> everything in a directory (tree) different than those where the sources
> are situated. This approach doesn't clutter up your source tree with
> intermediate files, allows the source tree to be read-only, and allows
> for co-existing builds with different options (in different build
> directories).
> Another advice is that it's easier and more efficient to get rid of
> recursive make invocations for making different components. You may wish
> to just 'include' component makefiles into the main makefile instead.

I have a bunch of "modules" each in a separate directory (each is not
necessarily a rtems task). Do you think it is ok to build each one as a
partial link and then in the last build step link each partial against
rtems libraries? That seems reasonable to me. Two more questions:

1. Which rtems library(s) file(s) do you do the final link against?
2. What is the deal with the manaager linking, i.e., no-*.rel?

(Relating to question 1 and 2, when I watch netdemo build I only see
linking against no-*.rel files.)