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Steve Holle wrote:
> We are using V4.6pre5 for some time.  We added some new code to our app, 
> no mods to RTEMS, and everything compiles fine but the new app won't 
> run.  We wind up in :
> _Internal_error_Occured with the Internal_errors_what_happened contents 
> as follows :
>     the_source = INTERNAL_ERROR_RTEMS_API
>     is_internal = 0
>     the_error = 0x48454150 (1212498256d)
> I have searched the source and can't find the error number.  I am also 
> unable to find the error number in the docs.  Any idea?

the_error looks like ASCII to me. Let's see. Indeed, if you decipher
0x48454150 -> 'HEAP'. However, from quick grepsurfing it is not obvious
to me how this value can end up there. Sure you have no
in your application or BSP?

Maybe your code additions let you run out of memory...

-- Till