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IP address woes

Angelo Fraietta wrote, On 5/20/2004 4:37 AM:
 > What would I do in RTEMS to do the tcpdump?

You don't do anything in rtems. tcp(win)dump just sniffs the network
with everything running.

If you can get your win, mac and rtems boxes on the same ethernet using
a hub, I would recommend installing windump on the windows box since the
mac seems to be suspect.

Then I would run windump (which runs in a dos box) on windows with a
command such as this:

windump "host <ipaddr of rtems box>"
to see the general traffic to and from the rtems box.

Or to see anything involving, for example, arp, rtems box and mac do

windump "arp and host <ipaddr of rtems box> and host <ipdaddr of mac
box>"  (quotes may or may not be needed on windows, not sure)

or to just see arps

windump arp

But if your network is isolated from other hosts you probably don't need
any filter parameters above on windump at all.

You might also add the options in front like this

windump -s1500 -X

to expand and decode to ascii the packet listings.