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Position independent m68k code

This does not apply directly to rtems but I am using the m68k-rtems-* 
toolchain but for running under an non-rtems system.

The non-rtems embedded system allows you to create a C program which it 
can run. It requires that the C program be written in PC relative (i.e., 
position independent) m68k code. m68k-rtems-gcc supports this, as best I 
can tell, using the -fpic option.

When I use the -fpic option and link with m68k-rtems-ld I get section 
.got and .got.plt.  Does anyone on the rtems list know anything about 
how I should use or possibly initialize these? (Most of what I can find 
on Global Offset Table and Procedure Linkage Table applies to runtime 
dynamic linking which the non-rtems system definitely does not do.)